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Tired of feeling like your IT support team doesn’t know or understand you or your goals? Is it time for a switch to a company who values communication and relationship-driven work practices?

Where Can I Find an IT Services Team that Cares About My Company and the Work We Do?

Businesses like to work with other businesses that are likeminded in their core values and work practices. When searching for the right IT support partner, companies are ultimately looking for a team of IT professionals that not only possess the requisite skills to provide them with fortified and optimized IT networks and systems, but also a group of people who care about who they are and what their vision is for their company.

William Ives Consulting takes great pride in our commitment to relationship-driven work processes. Our team of technology specialists is driven by the core values of:

  • Integrity
  • People
  • Value

We take the time to get to know each of our valued clients to understand their vision and operational outcomes for their company. Armed with this valuable information, we are perfectly poised to craft the ideal IT road map to help them achieve their objectives and to realize secure IT networks and an IT environment that is primed for growth.

What is the Process of Becoming a William Ives Consulting Client?

The team of professional technology specialists at William Ives Consulting are committed to treating each of their valued customers like family. We encourage strong and open communication to establish a relationship that is based on mutual trust and integrity.

Our client onboarding process can be broken down into a series of six steps:

  • Step #1: Client lunch

A key member of the William Ives Consulting staff schedules a lunch with our client to begin the process of getting to know them. This is a vital first step in establishing a solid relationship and understanding our client’s technology pain points along with their business objectives.

  • Step #2: On-site IT assessment

The second step in the onboarding process is an on-site visit to our client’s facility to assess their current IT environment and its strengths and weaknesses. This is a key component to helping us craft the correct action plan to help our clients to achieve their technology-driven goals.

  • Step #3: Presentation of findings

Upon completion of steps # 1 and #2, we then schedule a meeting with the client’s staff to present the findings of our assessment and our recommended plan of action going forward. This step forms a critical juncture of our planning strategy as client input is invaluable in helping us create the correct IT environment to support their goals.

  • Step #4: Fix immediate problems.

All businesses experience vulnerabilities in their IT networks and systems which require repair. William Ives Consulting places a high priority on detecting then removing all risky portals of entry before cybercriminals have the opportunity to exploit them.

  • Step #5: Optimize the IT environment

Once we have fortified all areas requiring additional security, we then move on to equipping our clients with their ideal IT working environment by streamlining their existing systems, integration, and automation.

  • Step #6: Responsive, friendly support

The onboarding process doesn’t end when the bulk of the work has been completed. William Ives Consulting continues to provide help desk support services 24/7 to our valued clients. Each time we receive a call, one of our friendly and professional staff is there to provide the real-time answers and troubleshooting that our clients need.

What is William Ives Consulting’s Ideal Client?

William Ives Consulting loves to work with businesses of all sizes. We welcome the opportunity to work with clients experiencing a growth trajectory and who employ a staff of between 50 and 250 people.

We offer in tandem assistance to companies of this size who already employ an in-house IT specialist and simply require an extra set of hands to handle the workload.

Regardless of the situation, our ideal client is one that values the role that technology plays in their business, is willing to invest in their technology, and views technology as a significant factor in the growth of the organization.

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