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Backup & Recovery Support Program


Knowing your backup and recovery system operates as designed and trusting a partner to provide unbiased insight to your process.


Regularly scheduled functionality testing including backup, local restore, off-site and disaster recovery planning and testing.  Documented test results and client review provided and performed by our engineers.


This program tests the core functionality of the Backup and Restore ability of client data on a quarterly basis. 

Backup Functionality testing

  • Review Logs and confirm all Servers are being Backed up as expected
  • Attach Local and off-Site Retention Configuration
  • Confirm Off-Site Replication is current on all servers

Local Restore Functionality testing 

  • Restore random test files and confirm functionality of data
  • Restore random test emails and confirm ability to access email
  • Perform restore of random folders and confirm functionality of data            
  • Provide management-level status reports on the details of the firm’s ability to recover technology and data and the limitations of the firms existing plan

Off-site Functionality testing 

  • Mount random server and test functionality of this server, many applications and servers have dependencies on other servers

DR Planning and testing  

  • Test ability to restore servers in the event of a loss of access to current location.
  • Review current DR plan and provide updates 

Review of Results

A William Ives Consulting engineer will deliver a report on the findings either in person or by phone

  • Document the results of the test
  • Review and recommend changes required if necessary
  • Remediate any potential issues with backup after approval if required
  • Provide recommendations to improve recoverability

This program was developed by William Ives Consulting in response to a growing demand for firm’s requirements to be able to recover data in a timely matter.