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Businesses In North Carolina
Need Immediate IT Services Due To The COVID-19 Pandemic?

Wiliam Ives Consulting is here to help Charlotte businesses during COVID-19. 35 years of helping Charlotte business deal with any type of emergency.

William Ives Consulting Is Your IT Company In Charlotte To Help Your Organization During COVID-19 Pandemic

William Ives Consulting in Charlotte is the managed IT services partner to help your business survive coronavirus by leveraging existing technology.  

Nearly any entrepreneur can succeed during the best of times. The actual test of a business is the ability to adapt to challenges and find ways to rise to the occasion. The reason many companies brag about the age of the company is that more significant years of operation demonstrate the ability to adapt. But since we can’t always be experts in every subject, sometimes changing means having the right partner to guide the way.

Businesses worldwide are currently working hard to adapt to the required social isolation caused by Covid-19. Here are a few reasons William Ives Consulting is your choice to find a technology solution for your company.

William Ives Can Help Your Employee Work Remotely During The COVID-19 Crisis

Working With A Cloud Infrastructure

For years now IT experts have been encouraging businesses around the world to consider incorporating the cloud into their business models. Cloud operations have a number of advantages over location-based equipment, including enhanced scalability and remote access.

William Ives has the experience and expertise to help you create an optimal cloud environment for your organization. We can help you streamline your workflow and properly leverage technology assets to compete better. When you are ready, we can also facilitate the migration into the cloud or hybrid environment we help you design.

Remote Communications Systems

One of the definite changes due to Covid-19 will be the role of remote communication tools. Previously, much of our work was accomplished face to face, with many companies using video and teleconferencing tools only occasionally. With the social distancing efforts, however, teleconferencing will soon become the dominant method of conducting business.

William Ives can help you to update your video conferencing equipment and integrate the software into your various office applications. Your clients expect crystal clear communications as a sign of your commitment to service.

Remote Team Work Efforts

Since your employees are no longer consistently working in the same room, you may also need to find some cloud-based software to facilitate teamwork. You will need a competent and consistent process for communicating information, sharing documents, and working collaboratively on common goals.

As experts in the field, we have detailed knowledge of which remote team applications would be the best fit for your organization. We have extensive experience with Microsoft Teams, Slack, and other remote collaboration tools. We can keep your employees working closely regardless of the actual distance.

Maintaining A Secure VPN And General Cyber Security

Many companies are experiencing a truly remote operation for the first time. They now have employees signing on to proprietary applications from multiple private locations. Besides, making data and applications available to employees outside the building requires increasing the risks of hacking or other intrusions.

We can help you set up a virtual private network and facilitate remote testing to make sure everyone has a working, secure connection. We can also help you update your firewalls, network security software, and all relevant application patches to keep your operation safe.

Predicting The Future

William Ives has been building technology solutions for organizations all over the Carolinas for over three decades. We have the experience and expertise to help you build a scalable, agile operation to meet your needs and secure your future. We also monitor the IT trends nationwide so that we can best prepare our clients for the days ahead.

Call William Ives Today For Immediate Tech Help During The Coronavirus Outbreak

Don’t struggle to react to the current environment. Let us build a proactive technology solution to help you rise above your competition. Contact us today for immediate service!

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Businesses In North Carolina
Need Immediate IT Services Due To The COVID-19 Pandemic?
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