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How to Find the Best Charlotte IT Company

Are you looking for the best IT managed service in the Charlotte area? If so, discover a firm that will not just meet your needs but exceed your expectations.

What Does The Best Charlotte IT company Look Like?

Are you looking for the best IT managed service in the Charlotte area? If so, discover a firm that will not just meet your needs but exceed your expectations.  

Are you looking for a Charlotte IT company that can offer customized IT network management to suit your exact business needs? If so, read on to discover the most important qualities to be on the lookout for.

Industry Expertise

It’s not enough for IT managed service technicians to be experts in their own field. They also need to be experts in your industry, be it legal, healthcare, agriculture, sales, or what have you. If they aren’t familiar with your industry, they won’t know how to provide the customized IT solutions you need to grow your business.

A Wide Range of Options

IBM recently noted that this is one of the most important qualifications of a good IT managed service provider and it’s not hard to see why. It’s all too easy to choose a provider that offers the services you need today but that will be unable to meet your future needs. To avoid this problem, select an IT company that partners with various technology companies and offers a wide range of tools and services.

24/7 Assistance

Downtime can happen anytime, not just during regular business hours. What is more, the cost of a single hour of downtime can be as high as $540,000. Given these facts, you’ll want to look for a Charlotte IT company that offers 24/7 assistance and service. Furthermore, the company should be able to immediately come to your aid instead of outsourcing your situation to experts in another city.

Positive Reviews

Granted, even the best companies get some negative reviews. However, a top-tier Charlotte IT managed service provider will have a high average review rating. Use Yelp or the Better Business Bureau website to look up the names of any companies you are considering. Alternatively, ask the IT company directly for names of current or former clients who can offer an unbiased review of the business.

Charlotte IT Company: William Ives Consulting

William Ives Consulting has been offering IT services in the Charlotte area for the last 35 years. The company stands out from the competition for several reasons:

  • Each new consulting job begins with a client lunch and on-site IT assessment so our IT technicians can get to know your company and its unique needs.
  • We work in partnership with the best IT technology companies, including Microsoft, Symantec, Dell, Lenovo, and Hewlett Packard.
  • William Ives Consulting offers 24/7 service and assistance.
  • We offer the tools your company will need now and in the future, including hardware consulting, network support, cybersecurity, data storage and back-up, document and email management and much more. Furthermore, all our services are scalable so you only pay for what you need at any given point in time.

A top-tier IT managed service can boost your business revenue, increase business efficiency, protect your valuable business and customer data from breaches, and much more. If you run a small to mid-size business and are looking for efficient, friendly service at a relatively low cost, get in touch with us to schedule an appointment with one of our IT experts.

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