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What Do CIOs Need to Know About Enterprise Agility?

Contact William Ives Consulting for C-level consulting and IT resources steeped in agile methodologies. Our IT governance and other services help you build a more agile enterprise.

Enterprise IT Consultants in Charlotte

Contact William Ives Consulting for C-level consulting and IT resources steeped in agile methodologies. Our IT governance and other services help you build a more agile enterprise.  

Today, digital technologies such as artificial intelligence and automation keep companies agile. Customer expectations are growing nearly as fast as the technology itself. To keep up, CIOs and IT leaders must invest in cultural changes, workflow innovation, and technologies with a high return on investment.

Digital transformation is the new norm. For instance, there are over 4 billion AI voice-assisted devices in play. How can organizations remain nimble without compromising security or performance?

William Ives Consulting has access to top resources in cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and other technical innovations. Partnering with a trusted IT company in Charlotte lets you hand off strategic development and planning projects so that your IT team can concentrate on keeping internal systems running smoothly. Alternately, if your IT team is working on a development project critical to the success of the business, our consultants can take over day-to-day maintenance, help desk, and other time-consuming functions. This frees up your internal team to concentrate on new development.

How Can Your Company Achieve IT Agility?

Focusing on company culture has a direct impact on enterprise agility. Adopting flexible thinking throughout the company is the first step to introducing an agile IT framework. Proponents believe that an agile mindset sets the bar for high-performing, flexible organizations.

“Over the last decade or two, software engineers have invested a huge amount of energy in finding a better methodology for creating great software that users love. Agile development embraces several processes, such as test-driven development, and extreme programming (XP). There are quite a few more processes, each with its adherents and evangelists,” according to CIO magazine.

Qualities of an agile IT organization include:

  • Putting the focus on the internal or external customer first
  • Empowering people and teams
  • Creating an accepting environment for decisions that move projects forward
  • Placing value on continuous improvement
  • Delivering value early in a project and often thereafter

IT plays a vital role because it provides technology that makes agility possible. Since other departments look to IT resources to set an example, it’s important to higher IT consulting firms that matched those values. CIOs in Charlotte can hire William Ives Consulting to guide their transition to an agile enterprise.

What Can You Do to Introduce Agility in Your Organization?

Besides partnering with the right IT consulting company, there are other things that you can do to accelerate agility.

Encourage Experimentation

Encourage individuals and teams to speak freely and collaborate to try new things. Failing often leads to better ideas and creative solutions. Managers can lead by example when they set aside time to experiment. Introducing IT consultants on core projects exposes in-house team members to the latest tools and techniques to optimize your IT infrastructure.

Model Key Behaviors

Enterprise agility relies on the flexibility of employees to embrace new behaviors. IT leaders can model these behaviors so that team members adapt to them organically. It’s important to build a culture where employees can express their concerns without becoming argumentative. Show appreciation for employees who offer productive ideas without disrupting operations.

Business and IT as Partners

When business and IT share the same vision and goals, collaboration becomes natural. This sets the stage for agile transformation where IT resources to build business solutions with the steady input of internal or external customers. With a shared dedication to success and clear guidance, project success becomes an inevitability.

What Does a Modern Operating Model Look Like?

A modern operating model focuses on customer engagement and supports fast responses to changes in the industry or market.

The features of a modern operating model include:

  • Closed Feedback Loops let individuals and teams receive insights on things that worked and things that didn’t on an initiative. This awareness creates a strong foundation for continuous approval.
  • Flexible Funding links IT project approval to the value added to the business. This is usually measured by revenue impact another KPIs.
  • Small Teams work more efficiently and collaboratively than larger ones.
  • Internal Coaching should include and immersive learning environment and agile coaches that encourage teams to work smarter and faster across the enterprise.

Contact William Ives Consulting for C-level consulting and IT resources steeped in agile methodologies. Our IT governance and other services help you build a more agile enterprise.

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