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What Can an IT Service Company in Charlotte Do for Your Business?

Contact William Ives Consulting today to learn more about the advantages of a professional IT services company in Charlotte.  

Businesses That Trust William Ives Consulting Can Concentrate on Operations

Contact William Ives Consulting today to learn more about the advantages of a professional IT services company in Charlotte.  

Are you tired of getting involved in daily IT crises that take away from the job of growing your small to midsize business in Charlotte? When you partner with William Ives Consulting, we ensure that you have access to a team of IT professionals to manage day-to-day IT tasks and IT infrastructure improvements. When you need an IT service company in Charlotte, we are here for you from day one and throughout our partnership with your business.

Ask us about implementation services for new software solutions, virtualizing your server environment, cybersecurity or migrating to the cloud. There are many companies you can choose from, but our consultants take the time to get to know your business goals so that we can align our IT services with your vision.

How Can an IT Service Company in Charlotte Make Your Business More Efficient?

By concentrating on communication, delegation, and compliance, you can offload IT infrastructure requirements to an IT service company such as William Ives Consulting. We understand that, despite the multiple touchpoints available, online and through traditional channels, it’s very easy to get off track with ineffective communication tools or poorly administered email and phone systems.

“Most people you meet online and offline will tell you the benefits of communication tools…Communication tools have their advantages but if you go overboard with its use, they will start to cast a negative shadow on your productivity. That is where a smart task management software can come in handy,” according to a recent article by

We can help you vet out communication management tools that keep your remote and in-house employees on the same page.

You don’t have to micromanage your employees, and you shouldn’t have to micromanage your IT service provider either. Our consultants work independently, following general guidelines, and offering their experience and knowledge when you need help navigating IT tools and concepts that can streamline your operations. recently asked SnapTravel CEO Hussein Fazal how delegating fits into his management style. “I need to spend more time working on strategic initiatives–which are often outside of the office–versus working in the day-to-day weeds in the business. I love being a hands-on business operator, which makes this shift quite challenging,” Fazal said.

With a smart IT service company in Charlotte, you can be confident that your IT infrastructure and security are being properly handled. This frees your time for the many demands of running a small to midsize business.

What Services Does William Ives Consulting Offer?

With access to a wide pool of IT talent, we can meet all your IT consulting needs. This includes:

  • Compliance: IT professionals must adhere to the rules and regulations that pertain to your industry. This is one of the first conversations we have to ensure that we are on track and in compliance with all projects and tasks.
  • IT Support: Proactive IT support keeps things running smoothly and circumvents problems before they result in downtime. RT support services from William Ives Consulting include network support, maintenance, technical support and help desk services.
  • Cloud Services: Reduce the total cost of ownership by outsourcing cloud migration that eliminates hardware and other internal costs.
  • Phone Systems: Don’t miss important calls. we can help you implement a unified communication system tailored to the needs of your employees.
  • Security Solutions: Let us help you battle viruses, spam, and malware before it ever hits your inboxes. From email encryption to data loss prevention, we have the email communications solutions you need.

Contact William Ives Consulting today to learn more about the advantages of a professional IT services company in Charlotte.

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