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Home Computers & Ransomware During COVID-19

With social distancing necessary due to COVID-19, here are a few things you should know about the risks of ransomware and remote working arrangements.  

Everything You Should Know About Covid-19, Ransomware, And Employee Home Computers

With social distancing necessary due to Covid-19, here are a few things you should know about the risks of ransomware and remote working arrangements.  

With the entire world feeling the pressure of avoiding and mitigating the Covid-19 virus, it can be easy to forget some simple truths of life. One of those truths is that bad actors don’t stop being bad because people are vulnerable. They often see that as the best time to strike.

Accordingly, the US Department of Homeland Security recently recommended that organizations “adopt a heightened state of cybersecurity.” Now is the time to find a managed IT consultant you can trust to protect your enterprise.

COVID 19 Ransomware Charlotte

How Remote Working Arrangements Could Expose You To Ransomware

If you are like most businesses, you already know the dangers of an insufficient cyber security plan. Dealing with the coronavirus is terrible enough. The last thing you need is ransomware locking down your entire network and demanding a complicated Bitcoin payment. That is why you have likely already installed firewalls, antivirus protection, and other means to protect your operations. However, with the primary response to Covid-19 being social distancing, many employees are now working from home.

Home Computers And Software Are Now Your Concern

Do your employees have updated web browsers and operating systems with all security patches installed? Do your employees use effective antivirus and firewall programs? Unlike organizations, most individuals do not usually have IT staff helping them to create competent security solutions. That means the strength of your cybersecurity operation may rest entirely on that employee with the most vulnerable setup. If that employee catches malware while a home computer is accessing your IT system, you could have a system-wide lockdown.

That is why it may be necessary to create a virtual private network so that all employee communications and connections are encrypted. You may even need to provide software or hardware upgrades to individual employees’ home computers to protect your company interests.

Who Else Is At Home

Ransomware is most often shared through phishing or visiting dangerous websites. In phishing, scammers send an email designed to imitate a reputable organization. Websites may employ a similar ruse, creating a legitimate-looking website. In both cases, the user clicks an unsuspecting link and downloads malicious software designed to lock a device.

While most competent adults roam your offices, anyone can access home computers. That means the security of your entire operation could be compromised because an employee forgot to log off and a toddler clicked a pretty picture.

Business Continuity And Frequent Backup Points

A large part of preparing for ransomware attacks is frequently copying all data and application versions to both cloud and separate onsite systems. That way if your data is locked away by ransomware, you can still wipe the system and upload information from a previous backup point. However, your automatic backup system may not cover a remote working arrangement.

William Ives Can Help

Don’t trust the security of your operation to haphazard luck. Moving to a remote working arrangement does not have to mean increased vulnerability to ransomware and other malicious attacks. William Ives Consulting can help you install a virtual private network and cloud-based solutions to keep you working safely. We can also help you create multi-factor authentication (MFA) to protect your IT network from malicious access further. Request a free consultation today to protect yourself and your company.

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