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Ransomware Protection in Charlotte

A ransomware attack can decimate your business. Find out how to protect your company with the help of an IT MSP that specializes in ransomware protection.  

Three Reasons Why Your Business Needs an IT MSP that Focuses on Ransomware Protection

A ransomware attack can decimate your business. Find out how to protect your company with the help of an IT MSP that specializes in ransomware protection.  

While there are plenty of cyber threats to the business community, ransomware stands out due to its ability to completely decimate its victims. The following are three reasons why every single business owner should seriously consider partnering with an IT managed service that offers ransomware protection in Charlotte.

Ransomware Attacks are on the Rise

Ransomware attacks rose by a whopping 118% in the first quarter of 2019. What’s more, no-one is immune to this type of attack. Cybercriminals are using new, targeted approaches to boost their profits and victims include not only business owners but also health care systems, financial institutions, and even cities.

Paying the Ransom Doesn’t Automatically Solve Your Problems

While many business owners are willing to pay tens of thousands of dollars to retrieve valuable business data, the truth is that paying a ransom doesn’t guarantee that you’ll get all your data back and be able to continue business operations as though nothing ever happened. Recent stats show that 17% of business owners never recovered their data even after paying the ransom.

At the same time, even business owners who get all their data back intact struggle to get their systems up and running after a ransomware attack. It has been estimated that it can take 33 hours to recover from a ransomware infection; during this time, you’ll need to pay for lost productivity, cover additional IT security expenses, and be prepared to lose business as potential customers find someone else to work with.

IT Managed Services Offer the Best Ransomware Protection for Small Businesses

Small business owners usually don’t have the money needed to hire a seasoned, experienced IT expert to manage their company IT network. What’s more, even those who can afford to hire such an expert will find that the expert can’t offer the same level of service that an IT MSP can provide. A single expert may get sick or go on vacation. What is more, your IT expert may be so busy managing your network that he or she doesn’t have time to keep up with important industry developments that could impact your network security.

On the other hand, an IT managed service has dozens of experienced, certified IT technicians available to handle your company’s needs. What’s more, many IT MSPs put a high priority on ensuring their technicians continue their training in order to have the tools and capabilities needed to handle new threats. At the same time, IT managed service providers offer customized, scalable services to suit your particular needs and budget.

Ransomware Protection Specialists In Charlotte

William Ives Consulting is a leading Charlotte-based company that specializes in offering ransomware protection in Charlotte along with a host of other important services. The company offers cutting edge IT hardware at the best possible price, provides IT training to employees, offers back-up recovery and support programs and much more. Get in touch with us to find out more about our services or to schedule a consultation with our team of IT experts.

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