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The Cost of Outsourcing IT Services for Charlotte Law Firms

Williams Ives Consulting are the local Charlotte experts for IT services for law firms. Find out how much you should be paying for quality IT services.

IT Services for Law Firms in Charlotte: The IT Services You Need and How Much You Should Pay

For busy professionals in Charlotte law firms, it can be near impossible trying to find the time to strategically manage and optimize their IT infrastructure. However, without a well-functioning IT infrastructure, law firms can experience costly downtime and firm-threatening security issues. So, many Charlotte law firms are making the decision to outsource IT management to a specialized managed service provider. However, many are often left wondering – how much does outsourcing a law firm’s IT services cost?

The IT Services that Charlotte Law Firms Should be Looking For

Before doing some budget brainstorming, law firm professionals need to start by considering what kind of outsourced IT services they’re looking for. Depending on the shape and size of the firm, managed IT service needs can vary. However, there are some staples that all law firms – big and small – should budget for when they’re considering outsourcing IT management.

Here are the most important IT services law firms should prioritize when budgeting to outsource:

  • IT Infrastructure Monitoring, Management, and Maintenance

First things first, Charlotte law firms need a managed IT provider who can make sure their IT infrastructure is always running at optimal capacity. This means making sure the IT network is always strategically monitored, effectively managed, and sufficiently maintained.

This means all hardware and software is consistently managed and optimized for full functionality and reduced downtime. A valuable IT provider for Charlotte law firms will make sure that your entire IT system is always taken care of – from your workstations to your firewall and everything else in between.

  • Data Security, Back-Ups, & Disaster Recovery

It’s 2019, so at this point, most law professionals know that strategic IT security is an absolute must in an increasingly unpredictable cyber environment. Without reliable and strategic data security mechanisms in place, the sensitive data that law professionals store, access, and transmit is put at risk and the firm itself can face huge consequences.

Developing a plan for strategically storing, backing-up, and protecting data should be the top IT priority. Even more important? Having a detailed and well-thought-out plan for responding to disasters and recovering from them with little to no disruption or lost billing hours. The right managed IT provider for Charlotte law firms will make sure your network is secured to prevent the worst-case scenario – but they’ll also have a plan to bounce back should it occur.

  • 24/7 Troubleshooting & User Support

The whole point of outsourcing to a managed IT professional is that you always have an expert in your corner and your team always has the support they need. Lawyers are often working with huge amounts of information and are subject to fast-paced deadlines and round-the-clock working hours.

That’s why it’s so important to outsource your IT services to a provider that offers 24/7 helpdesk support to ensure your team can always work productively and securely. The right IT provider for Charlotte law firms will always be on-call. They’ll respond quickly and will have solutions ready before you even tell them about the problem.

  • Cloud Migration and Optimization

The Cloud is making it possible for lawyers to work in ways they never could before. Whether your firm is already using the Cloud or is thinking about taking the plunge, having strategic IT professionals in your corner can make the process much easier.

Whether your firm wants to optimize Cloud applications like hosted Exchange or implement an entirely innovative hosted desktop solution, IT specialists can help you make the most of your Cloud technology. The right IT provider for Charlotte law firms will know their stuff when it comes to the Cloud and they’ll customize their expertise to make sure you have the best Cloud solution possible.

  • Strategic Consulting & Long-Term Planning

Finally, a key thing to consider when budgeting for a managed IT provider, is that you really want a provider that will help you plan for the long haul. Technology for the professional services industry changes fast these days and without putting effort into strategic planning, it can be hard to keep up.

To be sure your outsourced IT services are designed to be as cost-effective as possible, you need a provider who will offer honest and strategic consulting over the long-term. The right provider for your Charlotte law firm will help you stay strategic and profit-positive with innovative and cost-effective IT solutions.

How Much Should the Average Charlotte Law Firm Pay for Outsourced IT Services

Alright, now that we’ve laid out the critical managed services that your law firm should be prioritizing it’s time to get down to business. How should you be budgeting for these services and what should you be paying for them? The fact of the matter is, every law firm will be slightly different based on the size of their firm and the level of service they require.

So, while we can’t tell you exactly what your monthly price tag will be, we can give you some tips and tricks for making sure you’re choosing the most cost-effective outsourcing agreement available.

Check out these tips for pricing out managed IT services for your Charlotte law firm:

  • Don’t go in uninformed

Use the guide we’ve created above to understand exactly the kind of services and support you need. If you go into your search for managed IT services with no idea of what you need, you’ll likely end up paying for unnecessary extras. Explain to providers clearly what you’re looking for and what you don’t need.

  • Compare provider pricing

Don’t just settle for the first provider you find. Be sure to check out the market and compare the prices offered by different providers. Don’t be shy to ask providers for direct quotes and even ask them how their cost-efficiency compares to similar providers on the market. Don’t settle until you know you’re getting the best bang for your buck.

  • Clearly define what value looks like for your firm

In addition to knowing the specific services and level of support your firm needs, be sure to explain the kind of value you’re trying to get out of a managed service provider. Here are some hints for the kind of value law firms should be looking for from a managed IT provider: increased uptime, fool-proof security and compliance, round-the-clock support, anytime secure access, etc. The right provider will be able to explain the value and return-on-investment you’ll receive by outsourcing to them.

  • Be clear about what you want to spend

Don’t be shy to put your budget numbers on the table. Very often, providers have set tiers for pricing or fixed-monthly rates. But if the prices they have on paper don’t jive with what you’re looking for, be open and honest about what you want to spend. The right provider will be able to customize their service offerings to fit reasonable budget constraints.

How to Find an Affordable and Valuable IT Provider for Law Firms in Charlotte

With these tips and insights in mind, you should be very well positioned to start your search for the most strategic and cost-effective IT provider for law firms in Charlotte. As you start your search don’t be afraid to make direct calls to providers for an initial consultation. Also, be sure to talk to other law firms like yours – ask what they’re doing to manage their IT infrastructures and ask for referrals to strategic outsourcing partners.

If your Charlotte law firm is looking for a reliable and affordable IT provider, don’t hesitate to reach out to the team of IT professionals at William Ives Consulting. Our team has the experience necessary to develop a budget-friendly managed IT service arrangement to suit the needs of any law firm. We also have the expertise required to be your strategic IT consultant for the long haul.

If you’re ready to outsource the management and optimization of your firm’s IT infrastructure, contact the William Ives Consulting team at (704) 461-3040 or via email at We welcome all your IT service and cost questions and we’ll work alongside your firm to develop a customized and affordable managed IT arrangement to support you now and down the road.

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