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What Does a Top-Tier Managed IT Service Look Like?

Discover the most important features, amenities, and services to look for when choosing an IT managed service provider to work with in the Charlotte area.  

How to Find a Top-Tier Managed IT Service in Charlotte, NC

Discover the most important features, amenities, and services to look for when choosing an IT managed service provider to work with in the Charlotte area.  

Most business owners know that working with a managed IT service can save a business time and money, boost profits, and increase efficiency. However, it can be hard to know which IT managed service offers the best value for the money spent.

International tech giant IBM recently noted that there are certain features and services one should look for when choosing a managed IT service: These include:

  • A broad portfolio of options. Business needs may change over time; alternatively, you may need certain tools and services for part of the year and other tools/services at other points in time.
  • The latest technology. You want access to the best, fastest, most efficient technology on the market. Outdated software will not only slow down your business but also leave your valuable data vulnerable to breaches.
  • Support for multi-vendor environments and strong relationships.
  • Experienced technicians who are not only familiar with cutting edge technological developments and tools but also knowledgeable of your line of work. This is particularly important if you need to adhere to industry guidelines such as HIPAA regulations.
  • Reliable service that you can count on 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • An official commitment to your company in the form of a service level agreement.

Introducing William Ives Consulting

William Ives Consulting is a leading IT managed services company in Charlotte, North Carolina. The company has been in business for well over forty years and specializes in offering IT consulting services and solutions to a wide range of corporations, institutions, government offices, educational facilities, and more.

William Ives Consulting stands out from other, similar companies for several reasons. It has earned praise from current and former clients who note that the firm offers versatile IT solutions, great training programs, easy-to-use solutions to complex issues, and knowledgeable support and assistance. Furthermore, the company partners with many leading technology companies to provide the best solutions to each client. WIC’s extensive distribution network enables the firm to provide clients with the best IT hardware at rock-bottom prices. What is more, WIC offers tailored back-up and recovery solutions to ensure that each client has the set-up that will meet his or her exact needs. Our technicians understand that company policies, industry regulations, and other factors have a large bearing on the type of back-up system that is needed in each case and so take pains to create a reliable, secure set-up to store valuable business data.

William Ives Consulting offers a wide range of services. These include network set-up and monitoring, virtualization, IT strategy creation, back-up recovery and support programs, ongoing IT maintenance and support, and document management. What is more, every single client is offered a free consultation to ensure that WIC is the right fit for the company’s needs and budget.

A company that is looking for a top-tier IT managed service provider in the Charlotte area will find that William Ives Consulting offers the best value for the money spent. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our services or to make an appointment with one of our certified, experienced IT technicians at your convenience.

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