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Hybrid Cloud for Data Protection

Our backup solutions offer organizations the best of both worlds and play an essential part in an intelligent business continuity strategy. The added benefits of Security, Storage, Savings and Virtualization make the transition to a hybrid cloud solution easier and hopefully alleviate any fears of the cloud. 

Advantages of Hybrid Cloud


A firm’s essential data is backed up locally and then an additional backup is replicated off-site, providing extra data security.  The in-house data is protected by redundant sets of information with the local device being the first line of defense.  In most cases, three distinct copies of each file exist – on the workstation or server, on the local device and in the cloud.  Encrypted files that are stored off-site are available in case an unforeseen event occurs. This gives firms the peace of mind knowing that their data is always accessible no matter what the circumstances.


Improves local storage flexibility.  Since cloud storage is less expensive, organizations can retain more data on the cloud and have a shorter retention locally.  Concerns about  space on local storage devices diminishes with cloud backup.  Firms no longer have to worry about purchasing more local storage, nor do they have to make choices about what files to delete when running out of space.


Hybrid cloud solutions are cost effective and keep costs low.  Companies only need to purchase a local unit while the rest of the infrastructure lies in the cloud.  End-users do not have to purchase expensive hardware, cutting down on capital expenditures.  The cost is a simple monthly fee that covers the cost of leveraging the cloud and all of the services outlined in the SLA.


Virtual machines (VM) can be the difference between downtime and uptime. VMs are copies of workstations or servers running on a sever in the cloud.  Every aspect of the duplicated machine can be run from the virtual machine that lives in the cloud and is therefore not vulnerable to localized phenomena like a weather disaster.  Companies can failover to the cloud to avoid downtime, keeping data and operations running smoothly and consistently assuring business continuity.

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