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External Vulnerability Assessment

Evaluate & Validate the security of your it systems

Protecting data and intellectual property is a key responsibility for all business executives and IT professionals. It is difficult to view the news without hearing about a new vulnerability that has put a business at risk. How can you protect yourself from these risks?

External Vulnerability Assessment

Your external network likely consists of perimeter devices, such as routers and firewalls, as well as Internet accessible servers, like your email and web servers. Our solution was designed to address the growing security concerns of our clients and to answer questions such as; “ How exposed is our external network to real exploitable threats?” “Could you assist with the prioritization of identified risks?” “Can you help with compliance requirements?” This assessment is just one of many security solutions William Ives Consulting offers to assist organizations achieve IT security goals.

Assessment Features 

  • Scans external facing IP addresses using industry leading tools
  • Provides summary and detailed reports of identified vulnerabilities
  • Delivers prioritization of vulnerabilities and verbal interpretation of our findings
  • Allows for up to 2 hours of review with an engineer for IT direction and potential remedies

Assessment Key Benefits 

  • Identifies and ranks the real, exploitable cyber threats
  • Facilitates the completion of compliance requirements
  • Validates your existing external network
  • Prioritizes a technology path for identified vulnerabilities

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the scan cover and how will it be performed?

The scan is completed remotely and tests external facing IP addresses specified by your organization. To perform the scan, you must designate the IP addresses you wish to be tested and we will perform the test using our automated testing tools.

How will we receive the findings from our vulnerability scan?

We deliver a formal detailed report that ranks identified vulnerabilities in pdf format. As part of your assessment, you receive a review for up to 2 hours with a William Ives engineer who provides an interpretation of the findings and gives IT direction.

Who will perform our test? Do you utilize 3rd party contractors or outsourcing for the service?

Your assessment will be performed by direct employees of William Ives Consulting, Inc. All of our employees are based in the United States, subject to extensive criminal and civil background checks and have confidentiality agreements with our firm. We do not utilize 3rd party contractors or outsource any part of this service, all testing will be performed by our direct employees.

What is the time frame for performance of the assessment?

We can generally complete your assessment including the scan, reports delivery, scheduling of verbal interpretation & IT direction within two weeks after we have a signed engagement letter. If your circumstances require an expedited assessment, please let us know.