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The IT Life Cycle Hardware and Software Services from
William Ives Consulting

Did you know that your hardware and software assets have a life expectancy? Is your IT infrastructure in need of an upgrade to achieve better performance for your business?

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How Can I Know the Life Expectancy of My IT Assets?

Each piece of equipment and each software offering in a business’ IT infrastructure experiences a life cycle.

It’s important for businesses to understand how their technology is performing to assist them with achieving their ideal IT working environment to support their operational goals. IT assets that are outdated or sluggish slow a business down, keeping the organization from realizing its true potential.

William Ives Consulting offers an eight-step process to make the most of the IT life cycle of a business’ technology assets.

What are the Eight Steps in William Ives Consulting’s IT Life Cycle Process?

  • Advise
    The first step in determining the IT life cycle of a business is understanding our client’s operational outcomes. Once we are able to glean what IT assets are in place and what direction a business wants to go, we can then provide strategic advice regarding what technology offerings are required to achieve our client’s goals.
  • Analysis
    With a clear picture of a business’ desired outcomes, we can then assess their IT infrastructure to gain a full understanding of how it is performing. Once the analysis is complete, we formulate our recommendations as to what needs to be removed, changed, or implemented to achieve the ideal IT working environment to meet a business’ objectives.
  • Design
    Once the analysis has been completed, we can then begin the design process. During this phase, we focus on navigating through the latest technology offerings to select the correct tools for our client’s workflow and industry. We take into consideration current innovations, integrations, and industry-specific software to provide each business with an IT environment that is primed as the correct vehicle to drive them toward their goals.
  • Sourcing
    One of the great strengths of working with a Managed IT Services Provider is their strategic partnerships. We offer our clients vendor-agnostic hardware and software sourcing to ensure they get the right technology tools from the right source and for the best possible price.
  • Integration
    When the correct IT tools have been acquired, the staff at William Ives Consulting begins the process of integrating each IT asset into a business’ systems. We work swiftly and seamlessly with an eye to doing it right the first time to prevent unnecessary downtime or delays.
  • Deploy
    An IT environment is only helpful to our clients if it works. Once the new technology acquisitions have been implemented, we then begin the operational phase to ensure each component is fulfilling its designated role and functioning optimally.
  • Training
    Once all the kinks have been worked out of the new IT system, our staff of professional technicians takes the time to conduct thorough training with the business’ employees to ensure they understand how to operate their new technology environment to its highest capacity.
  • Support
    Unfortunately, even the best designed IT systems need continuous monitoring and maintenance. William Ives Consulting is there to provide all of the support our clients need to maintain an efficient and fully operational IT environment at all times.

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