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“This was a successful project… since WIC has experience with several document management solutions and providers, they really helped with our selection process.  After implementation, their training hit the mark and was very well received by all.”

Firm Administrator, Law Firm, Charleston

“We have done many projects leveraging WIC’s expertise; upgrades to our firewall and exchange server, installed a new backup and recovery system and expanded our primary storage.  WIC’s staff is very knowledgeable and great to work with.  We expect results and they deliver.”

IT Director, HUSKY Rack & Wire, Denver NC

“William Ives Consulting recommended a hybrid backup & recovery solution that utilizes both the cloud and on-premise equipment,  everything went smoothly.  We had a chance to test the system after implementation and we were very pleased with the speed and ease of use.”

IT Director, Law Firm, Raleigh