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Are you aware of the role that Cloud Services can play in keeping your business efficient, secure, mobile, and compliant? Keep reading.

Cloud Services in Charlotte and North Carolina

What Can Cloud Services Do to Improve Your Workday?

Looking for some help in harnessing the power of the cloud in a way that will make a real-time difference to you and your employees? The William Ives Consulting team has been leveraging the power and cost-efficiency of cloud assets since the beginning of the cloud revolution. Here’s what you can expect from our cloud consulting specialists.

  • We’ll show you how cloud assets can scale with your growth, so you’re not paying for now for resources you don’t need or won’t use at this stage of growth.
  • We’ll help you discover what applications, data sets, or workflow would be best housed within a secure and compliant cloud environment.
  • We’ll work with your employees to understand how they can access and work with their data, applications, and virtualized desktops within the cloud.
  • We’ll help you take advantage of the same cloud assets that are used by your larger enterprise-level competitors.
  • We’ll utilize cloud assets to streamline or simplify your workflow while giving you the workflow mobility that your employees want.

What is the Cloud?

The “cloud” usually refers to an offsite data center that houses your data, virtualized systems, and hosted software. However, there is a place for private cloud environments in which a company uses its own servers to host those cloud-based assets. The “cloud” is usually described in three terms:

  • Private Cloud – Internal company servers or offsite servers owned and controlled by the company.
  • Public Cloud – A data center owned by another company. In this scenario, a business essentially is renting server space within a data center that rents space to the “public.”
  • Hybrid Cloud – Some companies – often for reasons of industry-standard or legislative compliance – don’t wish to move everything over to a public cloud option. Instead, they keep some assets within their private cloud and move other assets to a secure public cloud.

What Does the William Ives Team Offer? Our Cloud Services

  • Office 365 Migrations and Management
  • Data Backups and Disaster Recovery Services
  • Business Continuity Services
  • Website Hosting
  • Application Hosting
  • Virtual Desktops
  • Virtual Servers
  • VPN Setup and Maintenance
  • Cloud Security Consulting
  • Workflow Migrations
  • Cloud-based communications and Collaboration Systems

Why Are Companies Moving Toward Using More Cloud Assets?

There is no doubt that the use of the cloud for business is becoming more and more popular. There are several reasons for this upward trend.

  • Scalability – Companies can increase or decrease their use of cloud assets to match their growth or annual business cycles.
  • Security – Data centers must meet high cybersecurity standards. This added level of protection is valuable.
  • Cost-Effectiveness – The cloud allows companies to use IT assets without the upfront cost associated with the purchase, implementation, and management of on-site hardware.
  • Flexibility and Mobility – By having IT assets hosted within a cloud environment, companies can have anywhere, any device access to applications, operating systems, and data sets.
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We Need More Than the Average IT Security. Who Provides High-Level Cybersecurity Consulting Services

Why Do I Need High-Level Cybersecurity Consulting Services in the Carolinas?

Finding qualified talent in the field of IT security is getting harder as multinational corporations are attracting most of them. Cybersecurity risks are increasing, and cyber threats are getting more and more sophisticated, while many companies can afford only average IT security to protect their networks and essential data.

Nearly 240 million unique malicious and potentially unwanted objects were roaming the digital space last year, and 260,000 unique users were victims of ransomware attacks. The average business needs a high-level IT consultant if they are to avoid loss of business-critical data and protect their networks against unwanted infiltration. You need a detailed IT strategy that rests on three pillars.

Three Crucial Components of a Working IT Security Strategy

  • People
  • Processes
  • Technology

Moving from Average to Advanced IT Security

William Ives Consulting helps you go the last mile from an average IT strategy to an all-encompassing IT security plan that covers both your current needs and plans for the long-term.

By implementing an IT security strategy that involves people, processes and technology, a business becomes able to protect itself against both targeted and accidental attacks as well as eliminating human errors that often result in massive IT breaches. Your employees should be aware of the risks associated with cyber threats and know their role in preventing such risks from materializing. A robust IT security strategy involves constant training and familiarization with the latest cyber threats.

Your organization needs to have documented processes clearly defining the procedures to follow in order to avoid IT incidents. A high-level IT strategy is always evolving to take into account the latest cybersecurity threats and reviewing all procedures and processes accordingly.

The main tool to mitigate IT security risks is the deployment of technical controls and preventive measures. Choosing and adopting the right cybersecurity technology is challenging task as it involves controls as varied as antivirus software, firewalls, hardware defenses, backup systems, access control systems, and a complex IT security strategy to manage them all.

What Does the Next Level of Cybersecurity Consulting do for You?

  • Determining the most efficient ways to protect the network and endpoints against attacks
  • Defining procedures for response to breaches and IT incidents
  • Assessing security risks and performing vulnerability tests
  • Preparing you to address unknown security threats
  • Estimating the total cost of cybersecurity measures

Additional Benefits of Using William Ives Cybersecurity Consulting Services

A long-term information technology road-map is an essential component of a successful business strategy, and we have 30 years of experience of providing IT consulting services to businesses in North and South Carolina.

Many enterprises blindly adopt various IT security measures and technologies, while William Ives is assessing all the dependencies and project priorities to support your primary goals.

Understanding the main cybersecurity challenges is vital for a successful IT strategy that goes beyond traditional cybersecurity consulting services. Drafting a detailed strategic and tactical IT plan that spans your entire technology footprint makes the difference.

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Cyber Security Consulting Services

Cybersecurity Consulting
What is Your Cyber-Risk Profile? Do You Know?

Cybercrime has become a pervasive challenge, costing businesses millions every year. With the rising regularity, complexity, and shifting nature of cyber attacks, cybersecurity is now a top priority operation in most successful businesses.

Many businesses are finding themselves in dire straits as cybercriminals breach their security protocols, causing business disruption. What kind of disruptions?

  • Public release of business-critical information
  • Reputational injury
  • Financial losses
  • Customer privacy exposure
  • Workflow shutdown

Attacks can hit your business hard, and you may not recover from it.

Cybersecurity Services in Charlotte

IT Security Threats Facing Businesses

  • Insider Espionage
  • Spam and Phishing
  • Malware and Ransomware
  • Virus and Spyware
  • Unpatched Security Vulnerabilities
  • Third-party Entry/ Hackers
  • Social Engineering
  • Uneven Cyber Security Protection

Where Can I Get Security Services and Solutions for my Business?

Being cognizant that cybercriminals are always looking for loopholes to tap in your business operations, business owners need to put in place proactive mechanisms to monitor any such attempts, and also have the right tools to counter any impending security threat.

William Ives Consulting provides businesses with security solutions and actionable insights to help you tackle probable cyber-attacks effectively and improve your resilience against the backdrop of ever-growing cyber threats.

What Will William Ives Consulting Do for Your Business Data and Workflow Security?

William Ives Consulting brings a unique mix of cybersecurity knowledge and deep industry expertise to develop advanced cybersecurity services and solutions to protect your business systems from cyber threats.

With a proven track record and a passion for cybersecurity, we partner with you to ensure your business is protected to give you a serene, safe business environment for conducting your operations.

From threat assessment and response planning to setting up business security control systems and more, our consultancy services fit our expertise around your business environment and requirements while ensuring compliance with security standards.

With partnerships and experience with leading Security providers; Microsoft, Mimecast, Cisco, SonicWall, HP, Trustwave, Symantec, and Tenable, you can trust us to handle all your IT security needs.

We provide the following security services and solutions but are not limited to:

  • Audit and Review – help businesses identify critical security gaps
  • Security Programs – design security architectures to protect businesses
  • Network and Device Security – secure business systems and devices
  • Incident Response – responding effectively and appropriately to cybersecurity incidents
  • Risk Assessment – auditing your systems to discover risk vectors
  • Risk Management – establishing effective and appropriate threat management protocols
  • Penetration Testing – testing business systems for vulnerabilities
  • Cybersecurity Training – cybersecurity awareness for employees and executives.
  • Threat Response Tools and Techniques – to quickly flush out threats before they impact workflow
  • Insider Threat Program – design systems to mitigate insider threats
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Hardware Consulting for Growing Businesses in Charlotte NC

Where Can I Find an IT Support Team that Can Help Me Figure out the Hardware I Need for my Business?

Whether a business is a startup or simply in need of a technology upgrade, it can be very difficult to determine how to invest their technology budget best. Servers and computers are a significant investment. With each technology dollar so hard to come by, businesses don’t want to waste any of their hard-earned money on hardware that simply isn’t suited to the work that they do.

But even if a business manages to purchase the correct hardware solutions for the industry and workflow, each workstation needs to be properly set up and integrated with the network. Without a technology professional on the job, simply setting up the network cabling to new workstations can derail a business’ workflow for a week or longer, leading to costly downtime, lost productivity, and frustrated customers.

Four Benefits Businesses Gain from Hardware Consulting Services

  • Strategic and judicious use of office space
  • IT systems streamlined and configured to promote ease of use
  • Targeted technology expenses to reduce wasted resources and unnecessary spending
  • Customized and fortified security protocols

What Can My Business Gain from Strategic Hardware Advice from William Ives Consulting?

William Ives Consulting specialists possess the necessary expertise to assist their valued clients with the acquisition and implementation of the necessary hardware and its moving components to help them achieve and maintain their ideal IT working environment.

We help our customers with the following:

  • The challenge of the correct hardware acquisition Businesses need to procure the correct technology assets to support their unique workflow and to meet the needs of their customers effectively. We provide strategic hardware consulting to help our clients maintain the most current IT assets to promote efficient work processes and support company growth. In addition to this, we carefully consider which technology tools will allow for easy scalability, allowing each of our customers to grow their applications, products, and services along with their company.
  • The challenge of sourcing the best products at the best price point Our vendor management services ensure that our valued clients are not only able to procure the tools they need to succeed, but also that they are able to obtain them at the best possible price, a vital part of wisely investing each client’s technology budget.
  • The challenge of sourcing the appropriate solutions As a partner to leading technology companies, the highly qualified staff of William Ives Consulting will locate and acquire the appropriate hardware, servers, switches, laptops, desktops, and more at the lowest possible prices through our distribution network. We will recommend the appropriate hardware to achieve scalability and in most cases, redundancy.

What Hardware Acquisitions and Installation Can William Ives Consulting Assist With?

  • Dedicated computer systems
  • Virtualization technologies
  • Firewalls
  • File services
  • Switches and routers
  • Storage devices and systems
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Effective Data Storage Solutions for Businesses

Why Effective Data Storage Solutions are Important for Your Business

Data has assumed a significant role in all business operations, and data storage is increasingly becoming important because of data value. The manner in which this data is stored is something that every business should be apprehensive about since it is mission-critical for the efficiency, security, and success of a business.

With business operations rising steeply, so does company data such as business documents, images, records, files, etc. Data storage calls for accumulating, maintaining and storing data records, regular information updates, guaranteeing data security while facilitating trouble-free access of data.

What Benefits Will Your Business Realize from Data Storage Services from William Ives Consulting Inc?

  • Instantaneous availability of business data
  • Security and compliance
  • Protection of business and client interests
  • Latest technological infrastructure and advancements
  • Potential reduction of data storage costs
  • Minimized downtime/disruptions
  • Enhanced business efficiency
  • Effective data integration
  • Better informed decisions
  • Increased employee productivity

Data storage services from reliable professionals can ensure that your business information is securely and accurately stored in a timely, accessible, and cost-effective manner. Additionally, they digitize and maintain your data in a systematic approach while saving you the tremendous time and energy involved with handling and processing business data.

What are the 5 Data Storage Challenges for Modern Businesses?

  • Data Storage Infrastructure
  • Data Storage Costs
  • Data Insecurity
  • Data Accessibility and Scalability
  • Data Redundancy

Where Can I Find Reliable Data Storage Services and Solutions for My Business?

William Ives Consulting Inc. helps you meet your data goals by providing the right cohesive data storage solutions for your business. We constantly assess and optimize your storage infrastructure by creating a reliable platform to enable uninterrupted data storage with a smooth backup and recovery process in case of any data loss.

With quality solutions aimed at resolving data storage issues, we minimize the complexity of your data storage environment, while monitoring and maintaining your information systems at an affordable rate.

Our team of data storage professionals analyzes and designs customized storage systems for your company to improve efficiency and cut on costs, while securing all your data from possible data threats.

With William Ives Consulting Inc. as your partners, your business experiences an extended association with leading storage manufacturers; HP, Nexsan, EMC and Synology.

Data Storage Services and Solutions by William Ives Consulting

Having us at the helm of your data storage, your business gains flexibility through some the following services and solutions:

  • Network-attached storage
  • Storage area networks (SANs)
  • Cloud storage
  • Automated data storage schedules
  • Online offsite backups
  • Data management and migration
  • Data uploading, file sharing, etc.
  • Data backup and recovery
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Virtualization Services for Your Businesses in the Carolinas

What do I Need to Know about Virtualization Services?

Global server virtualization market will grow by an impressive CAGR (compound annual growth rate) of 7% by 2023, reaching $8 billion by 2023. The global application virtualization market will grow at CAGR of 4.4% during the period, reaching $5.3 billion by 2024.

Running a successful business requires the adoption of multiple business applications. Some of them perform best on Apple OS or Windows operating system while others are available only on Linux. Having multiple physical servers to run various business apps is both expensive and inefficient.

Virtualization technology solves the problem by allowing a single physical server to run multiple operating systems that support different enterprise-grade software platforms in a virtual environment. Your North or South Carolina business thus benefits from economy of scale by virtualization of any component of your IT environment: servers, data storage, networks, and software applications. We call these virtualized environments “virtual machines.”

Some virtual machines support only a specific service, application, or IT infrastructure layer while William Ives Consulting can provide virtualization services at any level.

Five Essential Characteristics of Virtual Machines

  • Multiple operating systems run on one physical machine.
  • Virtual machines share system resources.
  • Operating systems and apps are isolated at the hardware level for better security.
  • Easily move and copy virtual machines.
  • Migrate virtual machines to any physical server.

What IT Problems Virtualization Solves for My Business?

The most evident advantage of virtualization is this technology’s huge potential for cost savings. But virtualization also offers techniques such as clustering, portioning, and workload management that enable businesses to configure servers in a way to dynamically meet the changing demand for computing resources.

Virtualization allows any business to do more with less and utilize available server capacity to the utmost. Enterprise virtualization solutions combine the available central processor units (CPUs), memory, network hardware, data storage, and applications into blended pools of computing resources.

Virtualized computing resources make you more flexible and scalable while allowing for the migration of legacy business systems to a virtual server seamlessly.

How My Business Can Benefit from Virtualization Services?

  • Lower capital and operating costs
  • Minimization of downtimes
  • Improved IT productivity, efficiency, agility, and flexibility
  • Applications and resources perform faster
  • Better business continuity and disaster recovery options

What Do You Need to Know About Virtualization Services by William Ives Consulting

With over 30 years of experience in providing IT consultancy services, William Ives Consulting can help your business to take advantage of virtualization technologies that save costs, improve hardware and software management, increase application availability and introduce more dependable business continuity.

William Ives Consulting provides you with a virtualization strategy that also minimizes risks of server and application under-performance, hardware and software faults and simplifies your overall IT operations.

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