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Our Solutions

Enabling Business Success

Document Management

Enables you to capture, govern, find and securely collaborate on potentially anything that can be stored as a file in a highly secure, centralized library accessible from any device.

IT Security

Protecting data and intellectual property is at the core of our security offerings. Our solutions include security planning, vulnerability assessments, risk analysis, remediation and audit preparation.


We help clients find the right storage solution that is easy to manage, affordable to own and reliable to operate. We solve immediate storage challenges and lay the groundwork for your growth.

Email Management

Stay in control and increase your productivity with a well thought-out, organization wide process for handling incoming and outgoing email. These solutions can be hosted or run on your premise.


As a partner to leading technology companies, we will locate and acquire the appropriate hardware; servers, laptops, tablets, etc… at the lowest possible prices through our distribution network.

Backup & Recovery

Backup & Recovery protects against accidental loss of user data, database corruption, hardware failures and even natural disasters.  We offer tailored solutions depending on the client’s requirements.