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Backup and Recovery Support Services for Businesses across Carolina

How reliable is your business backup and recovery plan? According to Timesavers International Studies research, the tragedy that most companies experience is not fire, flood, or earthquake; it is the threat of cyber-attacks.

How Does Backup and Recovery Support Services Help Deal With Loss of Data?

With the daily increased usage of software and hardware, the risk associated with them also skyrockets. Businesses in all industries are prone to unexpected and sudden disasters. If not anticipated beforehand, they often leave businesses in shambles.

Today’s modern businesses are increasingly becoming digital. Unlike traditional businesses that handled data in manual files or local servers, more and more businesses in the digital era now have massive data that they need to store, archive, and extract online which increases their risk of an attack or loss.

Successful business leaders know how to protect their data and information by implementing effective backup and recovery plans for easy and systematic data recovery in the event of a disaster. By working and partnering with the right IT services providers, a business can be able to prevent any data loss and eventual downtime that can lead to huge revenue losses.

What are the Five Biggest Dangers for Organizations that do not have an Effective Backup Plan?

  • Permanent data loss
  • Productivity and revenue loss
  • Identity theft
  • Malicious malware and viruses
  • Natural disasters
  • Hackers

Where Can You Get a Reliable Backup and Recovery Service Provider To Keep Your Data Updated All the Time?

William Ives Consulting is here to provide unbiased insights and to design and implement your entire backup and recovery process. Our professional team is always available to create an effective disaster recovery strategy.

Additionally, we are constantly testing the backup functionality to ensure all servers are being backed up accordingly. We not only do testing on the local offices’ servers but also on the off-site servers. Our services include:

  • Daily Backup – A regular routine backup process that protects your data from any unplanned loss every day of the week.
  • Permanent Off-site Data Centre – We keep a secure and encrypted copy of your data away from your physical office in case there is a fire or break-in
  • Efficient Server Recovery Process – We restore data onto our virtual server and make sure all your files, data hard drives, and even printers are always accessible to your employees.
  • Guaranteed Recovery Environment – We back up image-based backups by transferring them from one machine to another to prevent loss in case the main machine experiences any problems or breaks down.

Benefits of Partnering with William Ives Consulting Service Provider for Backup and Recovery Solutions

  • Proactive monitoring
  • High-speed recovery process
  • Continuous automated backups
  • 24/7 help desk tech support
  • Up-to-date security solutions
  • Guaranteed disaster recovery tools
  • Increased reliability
  • Protection of the business reputation
  • Cost-savings due to reduced downtime
  • Secure file-sharing

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