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Cloud Services in Charlotte and North Carolina

Are you aware of the role that Cloud Services can play in keeping your business efficient, secure, mobile, and compliant? Keep reading.

What Can Cloud Services Do to Improve Your Workday?

Looking for some help in harnessing the power of the cloud in a way that will make a real-time difference to you and your employees? The William Ives Consulting team has been leveraging the power and cost-efficiency of cloud assets since the beginning of the cloud revolution. Here’s what you can expect from our cloud consulting specialists.

  • We’ll show you how cloud assets can scale with your growth, so you’re not paying for now for resources you don’t need or won’t use at this stage of growth.
  • We’ll help you discover what applications, data sets, or workflow would be best housed within a secure and compliant cloud environment.
  • We’ll work with your employees to understand how they can access and work with their data, applications, and virtualized desktops within the cloud.
  • We’ll help you take advantage of the same cloud assets that are used by your larger enterprise-level competitors.
  • We’ll utilize cloud assets to streamline or simplify your workflow while giving you the workflow mobility that your employees want.

What is the Cloud?

The “cloud” usually refers to an offsite data center that houses your data, virtualized systems, and hosted software. However, there is a place for private cloud environments in which a company uses its own servers to host those cloud-based assets. The “cloud” is usually described in three terms:

  • Private Cloud – Internal company servers or offsite servers owned and controlled by the company.
  • Public Cloud – A data center owned by another company. In this scenario, a business essentially is renting server space within a data center that rents space to the “public.”
  • Hybrid Cloud – Some companies – often for reasons of industry-standard or legislative compliance – don’t wish to move everything over to a public cloud option. Instead, they keep some assets within their private cloud and move other assets to a secure public cloud.

What Does the William Ives Team Offer? Our Cloud Services

  • Office 365 Migrations and Management
  • Data Backups and Disaster Recovery Services
  • Business Continuity Services
  • Website Hosting
  • Application Hosting
  • Virtual Desktops
  • Virtual Servers
  • VPN Setup and Maintenance
  • Cloud Security Consulting
  • Workflow Migrations
  • Cloud-based communications and Collaboration Systems

Why Are Companies Moving Toward Using More Cloud Assets?

There is no doubt that the use of the cloud for business is becoming more and more popular. There are several reasons for this upward trend.

  • Scalability – Companies can increase or decrease their use of cloud assets to match their growth or annual business cycles.
  • Security – Data centers must meet high cybersecurity standards. This added level of protection is valuable.
  • Cost-Effectiveness – The cloud allows companies to use IT assets without the upfront cost associated with the purchase, implementation, and management of on-site hardware.
  • Flexibility and Mobility – By having IT assets hosted within a cloud environment, companies can have anywhere, any device access to applications, operating systems, and data sets.

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