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Cyber Security Consulting Services

With cyber-attacks becoming commonplace and targeting businesses daily, cybersecurity is a pressing issue and should not be underestimated by any business owner/leader. Consequently, businesses need to put measures to guard themselves against increasing cyber threats.

Cybersecurity Consulting
What is Your Cyber-Risk Profile? Do You Know?

Cybercrime has become a pervasive challenge, costing businesses millions every year. With the rising regularity, complexity, and shifting nature of cyber attacks, cybersecurity is now a top priority operation in most successful businesses.

Many businesses are finding themselves in dire straits as cybercriminals breach their security protocols, causing business disruption. What kind of disruptions?

  • Public release of business-critical information
  • Reputational injury
  • Financial losses
  • Customer privacy exposure
  • Workflow shutdown

Attacks can hit your business hard, and you may not recover from it.

Cybersecurity Services in Charlotte

IT Security Threats Facing Businesses

  • Insider Espionage
  • Spam and Phishing
  • Malware and Ransomware
  • Virus and Spyware
  • Unpatched Security Vulnerabilities
  • Third-party Entry/ Hackers
  • Social Engineering
  • Uneven Cyber Security Protection

Where Can I Get Security Services and Solutions for my Business?

Being cognizant that cybercriminals are always looking for loopholes to tap in your business operations, business owners need to put in place proactive mechanisms to monitor any such attempts, and also have the right tools to counter any impending security threat.

William Ives Consulting provides businesses with security solutions and actionable insights to help you tackle probable cyber-attacks effectively and improve your resilience against the backdrop of ever-growing cyber threats.

What Will William Ives Consulting Do for Your Business Data and Workflow Security?

William Ives Consulting brings a unique mix of cybersecurity knowledge and deep industry expertise to develop advanced cybersecurity services and solutions to protect your business systems from cyber threats.

With a proven track record and a passion for cybersecurity, we partner with you to ensure your business is protected to give you a serene, safe business environment for conducting your operations.

From threat assessment and response planning to setting up business security control systems and more, our consultancy services fit our expertise around your business environment and requirements while ensuring compliance with security standards.

With partnerships and experience with leading Security providers; Microsoft, Mimecast, Cisco, SonicWall, HP, Trustwave, Symantec, and Tenable, you can trust us to handle all your IT security needs.

We provide the following security services and solutions but are not limited to:

  • Audit and Review – help businesses identify critical security gaps
  • Security Programs – design security architectures to protect businesses
  • Network and Device Security – secure business systems and devices
  • Incident Response – responding effectively and appropriately to cybersecurity incidents
  • Risk Assessment – auditing your systems to discover risk vectors
  • Risk Management – establishing effective and appropriate threat management protocols
  • Penetration Testing – testing business systems for vulnerabilities
  • Cybersecurity Training – cybersecurity awareness for employees and executives.
  • Threat Response Tools and Techniques – to quickly flush out threats before they impact workflow
  • Insider Threat Program – design systems to mitigate insider threats

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