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Email Management Services in Charlotte, NC

Do you control your email inbox, or does it manage you? The McKinsey Global Institute says that the average employee spends 13 hours of their workweek dealing with email.

What Is Email Management?

Email management is an enterprise service that handles incoming and outgoing mail to put you and your team in control of your workday. The concept appears in both simple and holistic systems and features real differences.

Simple management systems remove emails from your server and save them to the cloud. However, these bare-minimum systems don’t do enough to make your email more manageable. They merely place it out-of-sight and out-of-mind.

True email management systems (holistic systems) treat email just as you treat all your other business records and documents. They remove and save emails as well as classify, store, and destroy emails according to your unique policies. Email filters also direct messages to the correct employee while keeping unwanted (and spam) email out of your team’s inboxes.

These systems are suitable for both on-site and remote use.

5 Ways Email Management Transforms Organizations

Using an email management system frees you from the burdens of an overflowing inbox, but the downstream effects go much further.

An email management program also:

  • Increases organizational productivity
  • Provides infrastructure for personnel growth
  • Improves security and privacy
  • Makes archival and retrieval simple
  • Lowers the cost of compliance

Using a successful email management system not only puts money back in your pocket but gives you room to grow safely, securely, and quickly.

Why You Need to Treat Email Like Other Important Documents

Email is a critical, if time-consuming, part of your organization. But many businesses treat email differently from other types of vital information. They try to wade through it on their own or choose piecemeal approaches rather than a holistic solution.

Why do businesses think about email differently from other company data?

Email comes at a volume unmatched by other documents and information. The sheer number of ingoing and outgoing messages dwarfs almost all other daily processes. Additionally, many view email as an informal type of data: emails are fired off at all times of the day with and without the grammar and structural formality of other organizational processes.

These ideas about email prevent organizations from taking email management seriously, but even lightweight management systems don’t solve the problem of email, nor do they offer the extended benefits of a comprehensive email management system.

Email Management Specialists Can Help

Are you ready to take back thousands of hours a year while also adding security and room for growth? An email management specialist can help.

William Ives Consulting provides comprehensive organization-wide processes for handling all aspects of email management. With certifications in Microsoft Exchange, Mimecast, and Active Directory along with strong relationships with email filtering software providers, we can recommend an email solution that fits your needs.

We carefully analyze your particular needs to deliver tailored networking solution for best data security, seamless data sharing, and better application performance. Your switches, routers, wireless LANs, firewalls, and network management tools will work in conjunction to deliver a secure, redundant, and standardized IT network. We also help you plan and implement a viable strategy for disaster recovery, business continuity, and future growth.

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