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We Need More Than the Average IT Security. Who Provides High-Level Cybersecurity Consulting Services

The Cost of Data Breach Study by Ponemon Institute reveals that the average organization needs 196 days to detect a breach in their IT security, and the average cost of a compromised record is $148.

Why Do I Need High-Level Cybersecurity Consulting Services in the Carolinas?

Finding qualified talent in the field of IT security is getting harder as multinational corporations are attracting most of them. Cybersecurity risks are increasing, and cyber threats are getting more and more sophisticated, while many companies can afford only average IT security to protect their networks and essential data.

Nearly 240 million unique malicious and potentially unwanted objects were roaming the digital space last year, and 260,000 unique users were victims of ransomware attacks. The average business needs a high-level IT consultant if they are to avoid loss of business-critical data and protect their networks against unwanted infiltration. You need a detailed IT strategy that rests on three pillars.

Three Crucial Components of a Working IT Security Strategy

  • People
  • Processes
  • Technology

Moving from Average to Advanced IT Security

William Ives Consulting helps you go the last mile from an average IT strategy to an all-encompassing IT security plan that covers both your current needs and plans for the long-term.

By implementing an IT security strategy that involves people, processes and technology, a business becomes able to protect itself against both targeted and accidental attacks as well as eliminating human errors that often result in massive IT breaches. Your employees should be aware of the risks associated with cyber threats and know their role in preventing such risks from materializing. A robust IT security strategy involves constant training and familiarization with the latest cyber threats.

Your organization needs to have documented processes clearly defining the procedures to follow in order to avoid IT incidents. A high-level IT strategy is always evolving to take into account the latest cybersecurity threats and reviewing all procedures and processes accordingly.

The main tool to mitigate IT security risks is the deployment of technical controls and preventive measures. Choosing and adopting the right cybersecurity technology is challenging task as it involves controls as varied as antivirus software, firewalls, hardware defenses, backup systems, access control systems, and a complex IT security strategy to manage them all.

What Does the Next Level of Cybersecurity Consulting do for You?

  • Determining the most efficient ways to protect the network and endpoints against attacks
  • Defining procedures for response to breaches and IT incidents
  • Assessing security risks and performing vulnerability tests
  • Preparing you to address unknown security threats
  • Estimating the total cost of cybersecurity measures

Additional Benefits of Using William Ives Cybersecurity Consulting Services

A long-term information technology road-map is an essential component of a successful business strategy, and we have 30 years of experience of providing IT consulting services to businesses in North and South Carolina.

Many enterprises blindly adopt various IT security measures and technologies, while William Ives is assessing all the dependencies and project priorities to support your primary goals.

Understanding the main cybersecurity challenges is vital for a successful IT strategy that goes beyond traditional cybersecurity consulting services. Drafting a detailed strategic and tactical IT plan that spans your entire technology footprint makes the difference.

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