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Networking Services for Carolina Businesses

Having an effective and easy to use network that is also secure is a challenge for most small and medium businesses. Why? Because networking now involves complex systems, advanced networking hardware, and sophisticated networking topology. We can help

What Should I Know about Networking Services in the Carolinas?

Downtime costs caused by networking problems stand at $5,600 per minute for a large business, a Gartner report says. Mid-sized companies experience five minutes of downtime a month, which results in losses worth $1 million a year.

Unlike some other IT problems, networking issues are location-independent. A report by HIS also reveals that equipment failures and other equipment problems account for 40% of all reported downtime. Another 25% of the total downtime is due to service provider problems and internal human errors.

Power outages aside, companies are experiencing serious networking problems also due to failing to patch and update business-critical systems and applications. The result is that businesses end up with costly downtimes but also fall victim to destructive malware such as ransomware and Trojan viruses.

Five Grave Networking Issues You Should Address Immediately

  • Unknown digital assets on your networks
  • Insufficient network defenses in depth
  • Inadequate disaster recovery strategy
  • Lack of standardization and redundancy
  • Ineffective network design

How Outsourcing Networking Services Benefit My Business

Networking is not about connecting a couple of computers to a server. Proper network design and management involve planning for connectivity, security, redundancy, standardization, disaster recovery, and expansion.

You should also have expert knowledge of switches, routers, wireless LANs, firewalls, and network management tools to get the most out of your corporate network. William Ives Consulting has experience in both: network design and implementation of networking strategies that best fit your needs.

By outsourcing a business-critical service such as network design and maintenance, you avoid all those common errors that cost small and mid-size businesses millions of dollars a year and minimize the possibility for human errors that expose you to security risks and make your network vulnerable to hacking attacks.

Top Reasons for Outsourcing Networking Services

  • Have a complete networking strategy in place
  • Troubleshoot issues easier and faster
  • Improve overall cybersecurity
  • Track trends and identify optimization opportunities
  • Do more with fewer network resources
  • Plan for future expansion and improve bottom line

What Else Do You Need to Know about How William Ives Improves Your Networking Infrastructure?

William Ives Consulting builds your company network by using standardized networking equipment from leading companies like Cisco, SonicWall, and HP. (Standardized refers to network equipment that communicates and transfers data seamlessly between all components of your network.)

We carefully analyze your particular needs to deliver tailored networking solution for best data security, seamless data sharing, and better application performance. Your switches, routers, wireless LANs, firewalls, and network management tools will work in conjunction to deliver a secure, redundant, and standardized IT network. We also help you plan and implement a viable strategy for disaster recovery, business continuity, and future growth.

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