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IT Strategy Consulting for Successful and Growing Businesses in Charlotte NC

Having a long-term information technology road map is the way to spend less on IT and achieve more at the same time. We excel in helping you develop and implement that roadmap.

What Do I Need to Know about Effective IT Strategies for My Businesses

Business owners should be aware that the IT expenditures of an average SMB stand at 6.5% of their annual revenue. A report by Gartner estimates the cost of an unmanaged computer at $5,000 a year and that 80% of a company’s total IT costs occur after your initial hardware purchases.

Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) stands for the total cost of using and maintaining your IT investment over time. TCO combines direct costs like hardware, software, operations, and administration and indirect costs such as end-user operations and downtime.

A working IT strategy always takes into account the whole picture, as direct costs do not end at the stage of the purchase. Technical support, maintenance, and labor costs, as well as IT security measures, account for 80% of your total costs associated with running digital assets.

Planning IT investments and maintenance for months and years ahead is the way to have a working and secure IT infrastructure attuned to your company strategic goals and budget.

Five Steps to Align IT and Corporate Strategy

  • Define core business values and goals
  • Estimate financial flows and define strategic business objectives
  • Outline IT vision and strategic objectives
  • Assess the current IT situation and identify a strategy that brings best results
  • Document and implement the adopted IT strategy

How to Draft a Feasible IT Strategy for My Business

You can sit down and follow the above steps to draft an IT strategy, but you’re likely to omit some details or make inaccurate forecasts, resulting in an ineffective IT strategy.

William Ives Consulting is using a complex methodology to assess your current IT infrastructure and come up with a detailed IT strategy that covers all components of a forward-looking information technology road map.

Using high-level analysis is mandatory to understand your IT environment as well as take into account emerging technology opportunities. It is not enough to identify any gaps; you also need to determine future IT requirements and the costs associated with them.

What Benefits Do I Get by Outsourcing My IT Strategic Planning?

  • Linking business and IT strategy and making technology support strategic business goals
  • Complete IT audit to get a tailored strategy for optimal IT infrastructure
  • Implementation of a goal-oriented strategy that also introduces methods for measuring performance
  • Creation of IT architecture that reflects your specific business goals and organizational requirements
  • Accurate IT budgeting aligned with your company’s financials

What Else Should I Know about William Ives IT Strategy Consulting Services?

Planning for the future in the field of business hardware and software is challenging even for dedicated IT experts. Technologies come and go because new IT solutions emerge daily.

You, as a business owner, are well aware of what your business goals are, and you have a vision for what your IT infrastructure should achieve. But William Ives Consulting has over thirty-five years of experience advising businesses on a successful IT strategy that is tailored to accomplish specific strategic goals in the long-term.

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