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Virtualization Services for Your Businesses in the Carolinas

Server and application virtualization is replacing physical servers and enable businesses to run multiple operating systems and applications on a single server, boosting efficiency and reducing IT costs.

What do I Need to Know about Virtualization Services?

Global server virtualization market will grow by an impressive CAGR (compound annual growth rate) of 7% by 2023, reaching $8 billion by 2023. The global application virtualization market will grow at CAGR of 4.4% during the period, reaching $5.3 billion by 2024.

Running a successful business requires the adoption of multiple business applications. Some of them perform best on Apple OS or Windows operating system while others are available only on Linux. Having multiple physical servers to run various business apps is both expensive and inefficient.

Virtualization technology solves the problem by allowing a single physical server to run multiple operating systems that support different enterprise-grade software platforms in a virtual environment. Your North or South Carolina business thus benefits from economy of scale by virtualization of any component of your IT environment: servers, data storage, networks, and software applications. We call these virtualized environments “virtual machines.”

Some virtual machines support only a specific service, application, or IT infrastructure layer while William Ives Consulting can provide virtualization services at any level.

Five Essential Characteristics of Virtual Machines

  • Multiple operating systems run on one physical machine.
  • Virtual machines share system resources.
  • Operating systems and apps are isolated at the hardware level for better security.
  • Easily move and copy virtual machines.
  • Migrate virtual machines to any physical server.

What IT Problems Virtualization Solves for My Business?

The most evident advantage of virtualization is this technology’s huge potential for cost savings. But virtualization also offers techniques such as clustering, portioning, and workload management that enable businesses to configure servers in a way to dynamically meet the changing demand for computing resources.

Virtualization allows any business to do more with less and utilize available server capacity to the utmost. Enterprise virtualization solutions combine the available central processor units (CPUs), memory, network hardware, data storage, and applications into blended pools of computing resources.

Virtualized computing resources make you more flexible and scalable while allowing for the migration of legacy business systems to a virtual server seamlessly.

How My Business Can Benefit from Virtualization Services?

  • Lower capital and operating costs
  • Minimization of downtimes
  • Improved IT productivity, efficiency, agility, and flexibility
  • Applications and resources perform faster
  • Better business continuity and disaster recovery options

What Do You Need to Know About Virtualization Services by William Ives Consulting

With over 30 years of experience in providing IT consultancy services, William Ives Consulting can help your business to take advantage of virtualization technologies that save costs, improve hardware and software management, increase application availability and introduce more dependable business continuity.

William Ives Consulting provides you with a virtualization strategy that also minimizes risks of server and application under-performance, hardware and software faults and simplifies your overall IT operations.

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