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Local IT Services for Legal, Financial, Real Estate Companies in Gastonia / Grover

Every Carolina professional services company, large or small, has different network, security, automation, or other information technology needs. Hundreds of companies across North and South Carolina have found the service and support they need locally.

Where Can My Legal, Financial, or Commercial Real Estate Business Find a Gastonia or Grover IT Services Company That Understands My Business Processes?

Technology offerings in southern cities like Charlotte or Columbia are plentiful, but out in the suburbs like Grover and Gastonia and out down I-85 towards the border it can get pretty difficult to find an IT services partner at all much less one that understands the needs of professional service providers like lawyers, financial advisers, or real estate brokers.

Sure, there are IT services companies that offer offshore-based, remote IT support, but Main Street businesses often prefer a local, hometown IT partner – and for good reason.

Advantages of a Local IT Services Partner

  • Same-day / emergency service
  • Roots in your community
  • Knows you, knows your network
  • Objective, no vendor lock-in
  • Face-to-face relationship, accountability

William Ives Consulting Has Served Grover and Gastonia Businesses For Over 35 Years

You shouldn’t have to drive into downtown Charlotte to find a true technology partner or to find an IT consulting company that understands the unique business requirements of different offices, agencies, and industries. And you shouldn’t have to outsource your network and computers to a foreign country either. Choice and accountability matter. When something goes wrong, you want to be able to pick up the phone and have someone solve that problem right away.

William Ives Consulting has been that local resource for lawyers, real estate agents, and financial advisors up and down I-85 from the burbs to the border since 1983. Our skilled engineers and experienced professionals are wherever you need them to be – when you need them to be there.

William Ives Consulting IT Services Available Where Professional Services Need Them

  • Cyber Security – Lock your network, get you the training and tools to defend yourself against breaches
  • Cloud Migration – Chart a clear, safe path to greater reliability
  • Network Maintenance – Keep your network up and healthy 24/7
  • Complete Network Overhauls – If your network and computers cannot meet your needs

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