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IT Services In Columbia, SC

Tired of throwing your money away on IT services companies in Columbia that don’t meet your needs?

Is Your Columbia Business Vulnerable in Its Technology?

It’s become nearly impossible to watch the nightly news without hearing about a new technical vulnerability that has put a business at risk.

While protecting data and intellectual property is of major importance, the fast pace of technological changes has the potential to put Columbia businesses and their reputations at risk. Failure to implement the correct security measures gives cyber predators an easy portal into a company’s data and systems.

Loss of workflow access, or worse yet, a major data breach due to a cyber attack could leave a Columbia business sidelined or fiscally responsible for the results of sensitive data being shared.

Columbia businesses need to know how exposed their external networks are to real, exploitable threats.

How Does William Ives Consulting Help Columbia Businesses?

William Ives Consulting has been serving businesses in the Columbia, SC area for more than 35 years.

We offer comprehensive vulnerability assessments which provide our valued customers with a summary and detailed report of identified, potential trouble spots, as well as a prioritized technology path to shore up those vulnerabilities.

Other services we provide for you are:

  • Managed IT Services – maintaining and monitoring your IT assets to ensure peak performance
  • Hardware and Software – locate and acquire the appropriate hardware and software purchases at the lowest possible prices through our distribution network
  • IT Support – dedicated engineers to help assist in diagnosing hardware failures and offer support models to meet your needs
  • Strategic IT – helping you create a maintainable IT infrastructure road-map to provide superior customer service
  • IT Project Management – working diligently to help make your IT environment more effective
  • Storage – leveraging the right storage solution that is both affordable and easy to manage and lay the groundwork for growth
  • Cybersecurity Solutions – ensuring the protection of your data and workflow
  • IT Support – dedicated engineers to help assist in diagnosing hardware failures and offer support models to meet your needs
  • Data Backup and Recovery – preserving and protecting your data in case of data loss from database corruption, hardware failures, and even natural disasters

William Ives Consulting IT Services model offers businesses seeking IT services in Columbia a menu of highly responsive IT support designed to meet each company’s specific needs. We have in-depth knowledge of some of the most technically challenging industries. This expertise can be applied across a wide spectrum of fields.

With William Ives Consulting, Columbia businesses can expect:

  • All-Inclusive IT Support Cost Within your Budget
  • External Vulnerability Assessments to Protect Your Data and Network
  • Scalable IT Services that Grow as You Do
  • Proactive IT Maintenance and Monitoring
  • Executive-Level IT Consulting
  • A Team of IT Specialists Committed to Helping You Succeed

What Area Does William Ives Consulting Serve?

Willam Ives Consulting proudly brings its cutting-edge proactive Managed IT Services to the following cities in North Carolina and Northern South Carolina:






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