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Local IT Services and Consulting
Across the Carolinas

Professional services require a professional touch. Are you getting the professional-grade IT support and advice you need?

Where In North Carolina or South Carolina Can I Find IT Support Services For Professional Services Companies?

Every company has computers, every company has a network, and every company needs information technology services, but not every company is the same.

One size doesn’t fit all, especially for professional services. William Ives Consulting has been working with legal, financial, and other professional service companies for over 35 years. We’ve helped hundreds of companies with challenges and obstacles just like yours.

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Your business depends on your network infrastructure and software products. You should have an IT services partner that you can trust. An IT services team you can build a long term relationship with. Finding such a partner can be challenging in this complex, multi-cloud world. You want someone who won’t outsource your needs to a foreign country. You want someone who will be objective and offer you the right product for your business. You want someone who will put your results and your success first. You want more than a managed services provider. We can help with that.

William Ives Is the Right IT Partner for Businesses in the Tarheel State and the Palmetto State

Grover and Gastonia
Columbia, SC

William Ives Consulting is Experienced in Network and IT problems

  • Local accountability leads to greater confidence in your IT systems.
  • Stimulates the local economy and keeps Carolina dollars in the Carolinas
  • Same-day on-site services mean you can get back up and running fast

William Ives Consulting Gives North Carolina and South Carolina Companies the IT Support They Need to Thrive

Cyber Security

Network security is more important than ever. Criminals and trolls have become more and more sophisticated over the years, and they will target your company regardless of their size or stature. We can help you lock your network down, including important but often overlooked physical security, and give you the training and tools to defend yourself against breaches – internal and external.

Network Maintenance

Whether you are satisfied or not with your computer network infrastructure, you probably need some maintenance. Approaching 100% uptime requires constant effort, including updating packages, flashing firmware, replacing outdated hardware, and more. We can provide continuous, ongoing support, so your network is always in a healthy state.

Cloud Migration

One of the best ways to dramatically improve the reliability of your network is to move part or all of your workflow to the cloud. Though businesses have been initially skeptical of putting data and resources in the cloud, it is now the gold standard. We can analyze your infrastructure and needs to determine a clear, safe path for you to migrate some or all from servers in a closet to no servers at all.

Complete Network Overhaul

Alternatively, if you are completely dissatisfied with your network and how it performs for your business, we can also help you through a complete overhaul of your infrastructure.

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